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About Us //

With a half century of experience under its belt, Doğa is one of the most reliable, most well-respected, and trustworthy companies in the construction industry. The company builds upon the vision of its next generation of executives. Doğa Group considers human life and nature to be of the utmost importance when constructing its buildings. Accordingly, Doğa acts with a sense responsibility befitting its name ("Doğa" literally means "nature" in Turkish) to preserve the ecological balance of the Earth we live in.

Doğa has renovated numerous historical buildings, gracefully rebuilding them from the ground up for our country: Doğa Panorama in Büyükçekmece, Akkom Ofis Park in Ümraniye, Platform in Merter, and Doğa Plaza in Kıraç, all in Istanbul. Meanwhile, the construction of Pruva 34 has begun in Bakırköy. Set to be built by Doğa Madencilik, a Doğa Group company, Pruva 34 carves a niche for itself in the construction industry with a design that conforms both to the character of the city and to nature.

Fully aware that people are the true force behind its buildings, Doğa Madencilik creates wonders thanks to its qualified personnel. Moreover, it constantly invests in its personnel to assure a high level of training. The company complies fully with all legislation, rules, and regulations and takes measures in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety to ensure a healthy and safe work environment for its employees. This is how they are able to erect buildings that achieve the utmost customer satisfaction through the use of superior materials and the application of safe construction processes. The primary principle of Doğa Madencilik is to protect and prevent harm to the environment and to help improve the quality of people's lives. As such, the company complies with all laws and regulations on the prevention of environmental pollution as well as those on recycling and the reuse of wastes and the protection of the environment. It creates new spaces and buildings without harming the environment.

In parallel with its corporate business principles, Doğa Madencilik carries out all its operations according to internationally accepted principles. It provides timely and transparent information to suppliers, government agencies, and customers regarding all of its activities as well as its organizational structure, financial status, and performance. Through a moral, principled, and ethical approach, it produces first-rate buildings.

Doğa Madencilik develops projects that combine state-of-the-art technology products with contemporary architecture in safe, high-quality, and durable buildings. Furthermore, it continues to add value to its community by attaching great importance to social responsibility projects.